New features in the Color mixer!

October 10, 2023 (Updated: Nov 19)
Mixed colors as base colors. Keep colors on palette. #, RGB, Lab, Lch, Oklab, Oklch colors as input or output. Save your favourites. Reload from history.
Big news in the Color mixer!

After some other improvements on our website, we could finally get back to enhancing your experience with digital color mixing and provide more options.

Now you can:

Send colors to your palette and use them as your base colors.
(Click on the dots and the colors will appear on your palette.)

Keep colors on your palette by pinning them.
(Click on the pin to activate selection mode. Click on colors on your palette. Pinned colors will appear on the right side of the pin. Unpin colors by clicking on them. Click on the pin to save pinned colors and deactivate mode.)

User your own digital colors as base colors.
Get hex, RGB, Lab, Lch, Oklab, Oklch values for database colors and use them for your digital projects.
(Input and output under # )

Save favourite mixes during your session, or keep them for later when signed in.
(Look for the "heart icon" under your History.)

Reload mixes from your History by clicking on them.

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