Dot Cards

Paint samples for watercolor brands

This page is a list of available official dot cards for watercolor brands.

A. Gallo Honey-Based Watercolor

Sample dot card for the full range is available.

Price: EUR 42.00 (2023)

Blockx Aquarelles

72 colors on a folded A3 coated paper. The paint samples are on a printed color chart, which includes technical information. The paint samples are huge, it's enough for even a smaller painting. You can't paint on this paper, and better to keep the a sheet of glassine paper between the pages, otherwise it will stuck together.

Price: EUR 33.30 (2023)

Da Vinci Watercolors

Watercolor dot samples are available for the complete range, in practicle small trays.

Price: USD 29.95 (2023)

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors

Daniel Smith offers multiple dot cards: dot cards covering their range: 18 colors / `66 colors to try` / `238 colors to try` and some smaller, themed selections with bigger dots (`Confetti`). They are constantly revising their dot cards. The `238 Colors To Try` is four A4 sheets, printed on watercolor paper, containing technical information (about lightfastness, staining, and granulation properties, transparency). There is also a printed chart included with the pigment information.

Price: EUR 5.89-32.00 (2023,

Golden QOR Watercolor

They offer a free sample of 6 colors. It's an _honest_ selection with some not-so-easy colors - you can try it and see what you can expect. The paints are on a palette like plastic-coated paper, and a small watercolor paper is included. Dot card for the full range was available on the Japanese market.

Holbein Artists' Watercolor (HWC)

Some years ago, Holbein had a dot card for the whole range (old charts may still be available on artermiranda), but currently only the 12 colors selection easily available. But you can find some handmade dot cards for the full range, for example, on Etsy. I have one from tiny supplies, that's a useful one, all information is printed, with a nice amount of paint.

Kusakabe Artists' Water Colours

Kusakabe had a dot card, 2 pages, for the full range, it was available for a limited time in the Japanese market. (Thank you for sending me a copy M)

Maimeri MaimeriBlu (Watercolor)

Maimeri has a small promotional dot card with six selected colors, and from 2023 for the whole range. On the Japanese market, they also offer a full-range dot card with 90 colors. It is printed on an A4 size Canson watercolor paper.

Price: EUR 10.96 (2023)

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor

The whole color range (126 colors) is presented on 4 A4+ sized watercolor paper. The edges of the papers are folded to prevent the pages from sticking together. The printed information contains pigment information, lightfastness, transparency. The dot cards came in a protective cardboard box.

Price: EUR 16.35 (2023 on gerstaecker), EUR 14.17 (2023 on artemiranda)

Nevskaya Palitra White Nights (Watercolor)

Nevskaya Palitra offers a full-range dot card with 105 colors. The dot card is printed on a folded A3 watercolor paper. It contains pigment information, lightfastness, transparency, and granulation. The dot card contains a generous amount of paint.

Price: EUR 14.75 (2023)

Old Holland Classic Watercolours

Old Holland offers a full-range dot card with 168 colors. The dot card is a 4 pages folded sheet, coated paper. It contains pigment and technical information. The dot card contains a generous amount of paint.

For the whole range, generous amount of paint.

Price: EUR 8.62 (2023)

Royal Talens Rembrandt Water Colour

Royal Talens' professional watercolor range, with 120 colors. Printed on a folded A3+ sized paper. The dots are slightly smaller than in the Van Gogh chart but still enough to paint a swatch or two. All information, including pigments, transparency, light fastness, granulation, is printed on the chart.

Price: EUR 17.89 (2023 on gerstaecker)

Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolour

Royal Talens' cheaper version of watercolor with 72 colors. The dot card is an A4+ sized thicker paper with generously sized dots. All information, including pigments, transparency, light fastness, granulation, is printed on the chart—a really nice product.

Price: EUR 11.60 (2023 on gerstaecker)

Schmincke HORADAM Aquarell [Series 14]

Schmincke offers a full range dot card with all 140 colors, printed on a folded A3 watercolor paper. It contains information about lightfastness, granulation, staining but no pigment information (available separately). A good amount of paint. Dotcards for the new granulation range (40 colors, without limited editons) is also available. Schmincke recently also offers several themed dot-card selections.

Price: EUR 3.66-17.81 (2023 on gerstaecker)

Shinhan PWC (Watercolor)

2 pages, folded sheet, on watercolor paper. Full range.

Price: GBP 14.40 (2023)

Turner Artists' Water Colour

A hand-painted chart (with all 147 colors) available on JacksonsArt. There are two separate dot cards on the Japanese market, one with 94 colors (for the 15ml tubes) and a 54 colors one (for the 5ml ones). Printed on a thicker A4 watercolor paper, it contains all information, including pigments, light fastness, transparency. There is a generous amount of paint on the dot card. You can order from Amazon Japan.

Winsor & Newton Professional Water Colour

Winsor & Newton offers different dot cards, for example, one for cadmium-free colors. They also provide a full-range dot card. Printed on a folded A3 watercolor paper. The chart does not have pigment information, but lightfastness/transparency is marked. The card contains only a tiny amount of paint, barely enough to paint a smaller swatch.

Price: EUR 23.60 (2023 on artermiranda), EUR 16.99 (2023 on gerstaecker)