23100 Anthraquinone Blue

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Dry pigment
  • PB60 ●●●●●
1.45 g/cm³
Heat Stability
> 300 C
Description from the manufacturer
Among the synthetic-organic pigments, anthraquinone blue offers an alternative to the green-tinted phthalocyanines. The dark, reddish blue hue of this pigment is unique. In its properties, this pigment is comparable to phthaloblue, but it is easier to wet and is therefore ideal for watercolors and other aqueous techniques. For aqueous techniques one should produce only small quantities. Here it is absolutely necessary to first thoroughly wet the pigment with alcohol to solubilise it. Subsequently, the actual bonding agent can added, the alcohol evaporates. For the preparation of oil color it must be treated with a glass muller. Previous moistening with alcohol may take place, but it is not necessary. The mixing with oil should be slow and thorough, since the powder is very light, and with the smallest movement of air it will be distributed in the whole room. The demand for oil is high as with all organic pigments. After mixing with oil the color must be rubbed intensively with a glass muller.
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Kremer Pigmente [Dry] Pigments 23100 Anthraquinone Blue PB60 watercolor swatch