How colors are displayed in your browser

Your browser supports the following color definitions
Your display in your current browser supports the following color spaces
(Check system settings on your device to be sure that you're using the widest gamut possible for you.)

Good news! Your browser is no longer an issue and the cause you're limited to sRGB colours. Most browsers now support colour definition in Lab/CIE LCH, Oklab/OKLCH. (It means that web developers now can define colours outside the sRGB gamut, like colours of print gamuts, or any real-life colours and even colours you can't see.) See comparision of the size and shape of the visible gamut vs. digital and printed gamuts.

Latest technology has made it possible for devices with an extended digital gamut (P3 colour spaces) to become widespread. (It still doesn't include all colours possible in print or with art materials, or for your eyes to see.)

A nice example is how the HLC Colour Atlas (which is CIE LCH defined, and uses the CIEL*a*b* colour space) is displayed digitally.

  • Notice the dots which represent real-life art material colours from our database.
  • Grey areas are out of sRGB / P3 gamuts.
  • Many dots go beyond these gamuts, and even the gamut of the HLC Colour Atlas XL colours.

P3 covers all the reds, oranges, yellows within the HLC Colour Atlas XL, but not all the colours with these hues in our database.

You get significantly more greens, cyans, blues in P3 with chroma/saturation that sRGB seriously lacks. But again, it still can't show you all those colours that are possible in print and with art materials.

Some statistics

How many colours of the HLC Colour Atlas XL (13283 colours in total) are out of

  • P3 gamut? 1274 (9.6%)
  • sRGB gamut? 2631 (20%)

How many colours in our database with CIELAB data (10318 colours in total) are out of

  • P3 gamut? 868 (8.5%)
  • sRGB gamut? 2206 (21%)

If you would like to enjoy colours and get a more real-life experience, we recommend using a device with colour accurate P3 display capabilities.