Company Profile

Kremer Pigmente product lines / brands *


Kremer Pigmente Watercolor — 137 colors few 1/137

Dry Pigment

Kremer Pigmente [Dry] Pigments — 350 colors most  238 / 350
Widest range of pigments Great starter selections in wooden boxes


Kremer Pigmente Artist Inks — 16 colors


Kremer Pigmente Oil — 22 colors

Iwa-enogu Pigment

Kremer Pigmente Iwa-Enogu Pigments — 24 colors

Resin-based Restoration Paint

Kremer Pigmente Retouching Colors in Laropal A81 — 79 colors

* Please note, this may not be a complete list. Check the company website or product catalogue for all available products.