This page is a list of demos and ongoing experiments. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Periodic table of elements for pigments and colorants

Interactive periodic table of elements to list pigments and colorants with similar chemistry

Periodic table

HLC Atlas XL colors in different color systems

Navigate through the HLC Colour Atlas XL lightness values. See how the same colors are distributed in different color systems (from Munsell to Oklab).
Check the interactive HLC Atlas XL demo here →

CIE L*a*b*

Masstones vs undertones

Overview of available color data of swatches, hue segments listed by 15° increments (OKLab). Masstones and undertones for watercolors are measured with a spectrophotometer. The gradient swatches are scanned, and analyzed for undertones with imagemagick. This page helps to see how the different methods compare.
Check the interactive page here →

Colored pencil swatch overview

Visualize Nix Spectro 2 readings

If you use the Nix Spectro 2, you can upload the CSV file (downloaded from the Nix Toolkit) to visualize the readings on different ab planes. You can see the color data converted to OKLab, the reflectance curves, and similar paints from our database are also listed.
Upload your Nix Spectro readings here →

ab plane

Real paint mixes

We have some real-world gouache and acrlyic mixes, measured with a spectrophotometer. You can check them on different color planes, and compare them with digital mixes (Mixbox, Spectral.js).
Check the gouache and acrylic mixes on color planes here →

ab plane
mix selection

Random mixing chart / plaid pattern

Generate a random mixin chart / plaid pattern with Mixbox.

Some other early stage projects