Kremer Earth Pigment Assortment


Categories: Art supplies


This earth pigment assortment is available in two different sets, one with 50g, the other with 100g pigments in small plastic jars. That is much more convinient and clean the the plastic bags.

The description says approx. 71 earth pigments. I had 67 jars in my box, 40215 Yellow Ochre SA, 40420 Burnt Sienna, HO, 40640 Raw Umber, greenish A, 40980 Grey Earth, neutral were missing from the list from the website.


The paints were made with Kremer’s watercolor binder and / or my own binder.

  1. Set: Earth Pigment Assortment, 50 g each
  2. Set: Earth Pigment Assortment, 100 g each

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