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Please select all the PR83 (Alizarin Crimson) swatches (up to 5) from the list bellow.
Royal Talens Rembrandt Water Colour 410 Greenish Umber PBr8 measurement swatch
Shinhan PWC 683 Ivory Black PBk9 measurement swatch
Shinhan Professional Designers Gouache 002 Alizarin Crimson PR83 measurement swatch
Shinhan PWC 559 Aureolin PY42 measurement swatch
Old Holland Classic Watercolours 069 Raw Umber PBr7 measurement swatch
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors 284.600.212 Mayan Yellow PY223 measurement swatch
Old Holland Classic Watercolours 055 Gold Ochre PY43 measurement swatch
Matsuda Pigments 1419 Permanent Yellow Light PY74 measurement swatch
Roman Szmal Aquarius 258 Iron Chrome Brown PBr29 measurement swatch
Hint: There are no other red swatches in the list.

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