Artist Paints & Pigments


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Please select all the PY74 (Arylide Yellow 5GX) swatches (up to 5) from the list bellow.
Da Vinci Permanent Artists' Gouache 488 Venetian Red PR101 measurement swatch
Kremer Pigmente [Dry] Pigments 23651 Brilliant Yellow (Hansa Yellow) PY74 measurement swatch
Shinhan Professional Designers Gouache 120 Primary Magenta PR81 measurement swatch
Daler Rowney Professional Artists' Watercolour 528 Quinacridone Red PR209 measurement swatch
Da Vinci Watercolors 266 Perylene Maroon PR179 measurement swatch
Shinhan Professional Designers Gouache 028 Primary Yellow PY74 measurement swatch
Royal Talens Rembrandt Water Colour 701 Ivory Black PBk9 measurement swatch
Royal Talens Van Gogh Watercolour 411 Burnt Sienna PR101 measurement swatch
Hint: There are no other yellow swatches in the list.

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